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 Skin Pigmentation

So many women, men and teens have some type of skin damage. But this skin damage, whether it’s from sun exposure, unavoidable age spots or inherited freckles, can make you look much older than you really are. Beautix’s laser therapy can reduce these unsightly pigmentations and improve your overall look by stimulating collagen. Your skin will look smoother and younger after just one session, although most clients generally need two treatments spaced three weeks apart for optimal results.



Remove Unwanted Pigmentation

Skin damage from overexposure to sun, trauma, or even some diseases, can leave you unhappy with your appearance. Other skin pigmentations—like birthmarks, freckles and port wine stains—appear through no fault of your own. Our laser skin pigmentation removal technique can remove all these unsightly spots, leaving you with the clear complexion you crave.

Better Than Peels

So many of us turn to facial peels to remove unwanted pigments, but this technique can actually damage your skin in addition to peeling, away the treated layers. Others use medications and vitamins to treat some skin pigmentation problems, such as acne. But laser therapy is by far the most effective way to permanently remove these unwanted spots on your face, hands and neck.

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